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“The level of service at Available Movers is fantastic.I I checked into several moving companies, and I am very happy with the choice I made. My move was done from start to finish flawlessly. I have a collection of foreign artifacts and I was very concerned about moving them, the Available Movers crew took extra care in protecting these items. I would refer Available Movers anytime”

-Sarah W.

“I was very apprehensive when looking around for a company to complete my local in town move, I have heard so many horror stories about companies overcharging or just plain not showing up. Available Movers was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why – the quality of service I received was outstanding. Keep up the good work”

-Daniel Burtess

“I just wanted to thank the Available Movers team for the great work they did on my recent move. My movers Alex and Jose were extremely polite and professional! I was shocked at how fast they were able to get the entire move completed from start to finish, all the while protecting each and every item. Overall it was a great move day for me from start to finish. Thank you Available Movers”

-Nicole Jordan

My move couldn’t have been better! I am so sorry for not having posted before but after our move of November 26, 2013, I had a couple of days before my husband’s 3 teenagers arrived! We have two toddlers, and a hairy 4-legged daughter (yorkie), and we both work full time jobs! I was petrified of moving companies due to previous ones having damaged our belongings, charging us an arm and a leg and not replacing broken items. I literally avoided looking for one afraid that all of them were the same. But from the time I spoke to Laura, when Zaing processed our refund and the superman crew we got I knew I had nailed my moving company! I was thrilled with how they handled our loading our urniture, picking our furniture from storage and then the unloading… The new house has for levels! These guys did not scratch an inch of our furniture, didn’t break anything, didn’t complain about anything…so I went and got them lunch myself, otherwise they would have kept going! I am very thankful to you all and will most definitely book you next time, which you never know, could be very soon. “


“This is the best moving company I EVER had! My mother’s home was burned out from a fire and was given only one day to move out her things. I called on July 2nd 2013 and needed to move the next day. I did not have enough money to afford the company because the fire and the move was at a inconvenience. However, they were willing to work out with me and negotiate fundings and gave me a flat rate. During the moving day, they came and was very polite and brought boxes and supplies that we needed. The two movers we had was very diligent and hard-working and stayed far longer in helping than the time allotted and we negotiated the price on that given the circumstances on our situation. Everything we asked for even paperwork they gave and they did not mind. I appreciate all the help they have done for me and I HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND THEM!!! I will definitely rehire them next move! Laura, and Zain THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THHHHHAAANK YOU!!!! These two people made our move so much easier and at a time like this you need people like them. Available Movers are the best”


“Originally I had went with another moving company, but then I thought to myself, there has to be a better price out there for the amount of things I had. I contacted Available Movers on Wednesday, found out they had a much better price,and the next Tuesday they were there! The staff was very friendly, shout out to Wilson who made conversation with me when he really didn’t have to. I only had an issue with the arrival time, originally they were supposed to be there at 8, but ended up coming at 9:45. I did receive a phone call and the owners showed up at my house to personally make sure I was happy with my move, which was a great touch! Overall I would recommend them to anyone”


“Available Movers were very professional, efficient and cost-effective for our residential move. We moved from our town house on 3/10/13 and the movers showed up on time and Zain even called before hand to make let me know they were in route. We had alot more furniture and boxes than I expected, and Available Movers made it seem incredibly easy. The entire crew of three men were extremely nice, polite and professional. They did a fantastic job. If we ever move again (hopefully not), we will definitely use Available Movers”

-Izhar B

“I decided two days prior to my move, that I would not be able to handle my move on my own. I began looking for companies and a co-worker told me about this company. They were very accomodating and got me in with just 2 days notice. The movers showed up on time, uniformed and ready to work. I was very surprised that a small company could provide such a great service”

-Abigal Lauter

“They did a good job. They were fast and inexpensive. Everything went well. We were very happy with them.”


“Available Movers offered a very competitive quote for the scale of my full service DC to NY move. The movers arrived on time and took care in packing and securing my items safely in the truck. Early the following morning, after an exhausting day of loading the truck, they made the trip to NY and unloaded my belongings into a walkup 3rd story apartment. It was a Heculean task. My new landlady commented on how careful the movers were not to damage the doors or walls on their way up. I liked the consistency of working with the same team both days and their attention to detail. They took the time to make sure furniture was reassembled and in the right room before departing. It couldn’t have gone more smoothly.”

-Sandy H.

“I just Moved with Available Movers From Reston VA to Fairfax VA. They were simply outstanding!! I really enjoyed the entire experience. I was surprised at how much attention the team paid to every detail, they protected my home and my belongings so carefully. The owners were involved and very helpful”

-Robert N.

“I moved in the area several months ago, and used Available Movers. I am unfamiliar with the area and I just booked with them after receiving a phone call , I must say I was quite surprised with the level of service I received. I needed help with packing and moving my entire home, I was sent a 4 man crew who immediatly began upon arriving. The very carefully protected everything and where in and out in a resonable amount of time. I will be using this company again when its time to move out”

-Raul S.

“I recently moved with Available Movers, and although the move went a little longer than I was originally quoted for, I was very pleased. The movers were professional and fast. They protected each piece of furniture with care. My husband had originally planned on moving his 50′ flat screen on his own, but after seeing what a great job they did protecting everything, he felt comfortable enough to let them transport his prized protection. I will be recommending this company to family and friends”

-Susan M.

“I wanted to leave you a comment regarding our recent move from with Available Movers. First, thank you both for your flexibility and responsiveness to our needs. The move went very well and Nicole and I are very pleased with the crew you sent. The crew was patient, professional, and worked non-stop for the entire 9 hours it took to move us from Sterling, VA to Fairfax, VA, with a stop to the storage unit. I still don’t know how they were able to fit everything in the storage unit but they did, in the most impressive manner. I almost went and got a backup storage but Alfredo the team leader of Available Movers kept saying sir we will make this work.

Thank you and the entire Available Movers Services team for making our move much more stress-free than it would have absolutely been. You have earned a future client and know that you have also earned my referrals. One of our friends will be contacting your for there move from Silver Spring, MD to Fairfax.”

-Nikki G.

“Available Movers Crew was immensely professional, efficient and cost- effective for our residential move. We apparently had more than 25,000 lbs of furniture and boxes, and Available movers made it seem incredibly easy. The entire crew of men were extremely nice, polite and professional – even with our kids in the house for part of the time!! They did a fantastic job. They protected each and every item in the entire house. All the three guys were uniformed and very very polite. Alfredo, Jimmy and Jamie thanks for such a smooth transition. If we ever move again (although hopefully not), we will definitely use AVAILABLE MOVERS!!”

-Jennifer L.

“I was very pleased with the entire moving service I received from Available Movers. During my in home estimate I was promised free shrink wrap, furniture pads, floor protection, etc, I must admit due to past moving experiences I was a bit skeptical that I may get hit with hidden charges on move day. On the day of my move, the crew showed up, the were extremely professional and protected each piece of furniture in my home. Once we arrived at my new home, the carpenter was still working on a repair in the entryway of my home, which made my home inaccessible, putting my move at a stand still. I was very upset as I knew I would be responsible to pay while the crew waited, but after speaking with the owner about the situation he even agreed to give me a break. The crew completed my move flawlessly, I told the owner that in the future I will be sending any of my family/friends his way if they ever need moving help. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!”

-Johnny F.

“I moved with this company a few months ago, and it went as well as a move day can go. They showed up on time, well prepared, and were in and out quickly. The estimate was for 4 and 1/2 hours and they actually finished in 4 hours. It was a great experience for me and my wifes’ first move together.”

-Curtis M.

“Fantastic movers
Great move and outstanding service! I had to move within on a certain day from my old apt. and then to the new apt. in a locked period of time due to freight elevator sign up.
This was not a problem and the entire team understood and delivered – on time and on budget – even with a delay due to freight elevator inspection by the state offcials! When I move again, this is the company I am going to go with. Don’t waste your time and money with other movinig companies.
Pros: Gave great advice on how to wrap your fragile items and helped wrap my TV.
Cons: None”

-Norman W.

“I really enjoyed working with the staff and crew at Available Movers. From the estimate to move date every detail was seamless! Thanks for the hard work and dedication to customer service!!”

-Tania Answari

“The movers showed up on time, were very professional, and reasonably priced. I would highly recommend.”

-Neveah Ortiz

“I went to and signed there to approach a moving company. Available Movers were the second company that contacted me. I spoke to there relocation specialist and she asked me about 7 questions regarding my move. I explained her that I have a lot of stuff for a single family house. The friendly lady was really helpful and gave me a few price options. She immediately sent me estimate for a 3 Man Crew. The next day she brought us 15 boxes. It’s a small family business, on the move day the owner was on site. Her crew were in uniforms, very hard working guys. They did extra protection for my expensive furniture. They even protected the carpet from where I was moving. She quotes me about 7hrs, and she was just off by 30 mins, just because I had them stop at my sisters in Reston and drop a dining table set. There were no hidden charges, I even offered Available Movers $89 which was my hourly rate but since it was Christmas time the owner said you don’t have to worry about it and that it holidays enjoy them. I was extremely happy with the team work and the level of professionalism. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND AVAILABLE MOVERS !!!!!!!!”

-Juliana Clark Juliana

“IT WAS A PLEASURE!!! After moving quite a few times in the past, and having problems each and every time, I decided to use Available Movers after a friend of mine recommended them to me. Even though they were fully booked on the day I requested, they made a huge effort to move me on that same day in the afternoon. I was told I would have a move crew of 3 men at 3:00pm and I would be contacted if there were any delays. At 2:50pm the crew arrived and started moving my belongings. All my furniture was wrapped with blankets and could tell that the movers really cared. I have heard about movers that demanded a tip but my movers didn’t even mention it. Everything arrived in the same condition it was when it was loaded on the truck and was put in the rooms I asked them to. They disassembled and reassembled my beds and tables and protected my glass items (they charged extra for glass items to be wrapped but I was aware of this prior to the move). By the time the move was over it was 9:00pm and the movers were patient and continued working right till the end. I was a little afraid with the hourly rate charge (how could I know that they wouldn’t just take their time and work slow?), but the movers worked hard from start to end. In other words, IT WAS A PLEASURE!!! Pros: Quick, gentel, nice”

-Michelle Fulton

“I must say I was impressed. I have had some bad experiences in the past moving but far from the case with these guys!!! They were great!!! And I mean great!!!! From the moment I got on the phone with Laura, to the moment the guys arrived at my location it was fantastic. Moving sucks, especially long distance, but these guys made me feel really good. They did all the work too. I helped with packing a few boxes but since I have a bad back I wanted a full service mover and thats exactly what I received; And for the right price. Will definitely use again. Thanks again”

-Ashley Ellis

“Available Movers is a great affordable choice. I used Available Movers for a large move I had from my townhome into a home I just purchased. Our move was a rather large move and I was sent a four man crew. My wife and I were unsure whether or not we would need help with packing but by the time the move rolled around we were out of time and needed help. The crew was more than ready to help us with anything that we needed, the packed and shipped almost our entire home. Although, the services we required changed our prices did not! The handled everything with extreme care and the lead mover worked extremely hard to fit each and every piece of furniture I had into the truck in one load, to avoid a second trip and save me and my wife some money. I was concerned about having a crew of movers in my newly built and freshly painted home. They were extra careful, protecting the floors and walls to ensure that my home looked as if they were never there at all. I cannot say enough about this company. The owners were so friendly and as a previous message indicates the owners stayed throughout our move to monitor the entire process. Good Job Available Movers Team!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

-Susan Blankenship
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