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Tips for your Move Day

We all know moving can be extremely overwhelming, but with some good preparations and planning you can help make your move day a bit more manageable. Below is a list of 15 tips to help avoid moving day chaos.

1. Plan Ahead


Most people begin planning for their move 30 to 60 days in advance, unless you unfortunately have to pack up in a hurry. Use this time to get organized by creating to-do lists, and to begin your move planning.

2. Figure out how you will Move


How are you planning to move your items? Will you be using friends and family, or do you need professional moving help? For large homes or long distance moves, a professional moving company will likely be required.

3. Selecting a Moving Company


When selecting a moving company to complete your move, it is important to educate yourself on the moving industry, in order to ensure that you make the best decision. Companies should be able and willing to provide you with; references, licensing information (USDOT, MC), insurance information, and a clear, concise moving quote. It is always a great sign if the business you are working with has Better Business Bureau accreditation. You should always have a representative come out and do a free in home estimate, in order to receive an accurate quote. While you will likely find a big range in pricing, it is important to compare each companies quotes’ precisely, to avoid paying more than you anticipated on your move day.

4. Keep your Movers informed on your Move Details


Do you have a long walk, narrow stairwell, or elevators, make sure your movers are aware of any of these obstacles so that they can arrive prepared. This will also allow your movers to provide you with an accurate quote of time required to complete your move. “If your moving company is left unaware of any of these things it can cause your estimate to change and leave your moving crew unequipped,” explains Laura Khokhar, co-founder and current president at Available Movers. “You should also make sure to mention any oversized items such as: pianos, pool tables, safes, or any large appliances, as these items typically have separate fees and require additional equipment”.

5. Use the Opportunity to Purge


Moving is a great time to do a full home cleanse, go through your items and determine any items that you no longer need. You can then decide to hold a yard sale, donate items to Goodwill, or sell items. This process will help make your move easier, faster, and less expensive.

6. Gather Supplies for Packing


If you have hired Full Service movers to do the packing for you then they will supply you with all necessary packing materials. For those who have decided to do the packing on their own, you should begin gathering supplies for packing no later than 6 weeks prior to your move, you can find a packing supply list *Hyperlinked to here to help you determine the materials needed for your move.

7. Make your Move Green


Try to make your move as green as possible by using reusable plastic bins instead of cardboard boxes, or use recycled boxes from local grocery/liquor stores. You can also go totally green by ordering your moving supplies from companies such as: You can also use clothing items instead of expensive packing paper when you are packing delicate items.

8. Take Inventory


When hiring a professional moving company this is part of the process for your crew, but it is always a good idea to keep your own inventory of your household items. You can either simply write a list of all your items or make a spreadsheet. Also, remember to account for the items you have packed into boxes. This will help you recognize if there is something missing.

9. Label Your Boxes


If you have decided to take on the packing part of your move on your own, you must be sure that your boxes are labeled clearly. Write your labels on each side of every box. Our crews have found that the process goes much easier when the customer gives each room a number, then labels each box according to the room’s assigned number. Also, place each room’s number on the door of each room with a post-it note.

10. Check Your Buildings Moving Policies


Most apartment and condo buildings have their own set of rules for move-in and move-out. You must check with your buildings management office to find out their rules regarding moving times allowed, you may also want to find out if you can reserve a parking spot closest to your unloading area. If your building has elevators you will also need to reserve the service elevator for a particular time slot and provide the building with any required move day deposits.

11. Protect your Valuables


Place all your valuables in a separate bag or in your purse and keep them with you or in your vehicle. If you know where your valuables are during your move it will eliminate any extra stress that could arise from something being lost.

12. Set Up Your Utilities


Make sure you have made arrangements to have your service switched from the previous tenant to you.

13. Enjoy Your New Home


After all your hard work you deserve to take some time to relax in your new home….that is until its time to start unpacking.

Enjoy Your New Home

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